1959: Summer 2016

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To classmates:

Here is the unexpurgated version of the summer 2016 class of 1959 news.  I had to cut it severely to comply with Hood’s 750-word limit for the summer magazine.  That leaves us with about a sentence apiece, so please forgive me if I stripped your news item of its details.

If you have a classmate/friend who does not use email, please print out a copy and send it to her and encourage her to mail me her news.


Merry Christmas from the Wanderer     2015

The adventure continues. I did not leave Ariosa and Capt Mike Pittinger Jan. 1, but remained in Boot Key Harbor, FL, enjoying the community of the mooring field, St. Columba Episcopal Church, and the many sailing friends I met. All the time I was learning more about boat maintenance and different ways to do things. Mike is a great captain and mentor never missing an opportunity to teach me something new. It was truly an incredible experience. Someone accused me of just having too much fun! Friends in Key West provided a wonderful holiday season starting the New Year with a progressive dinner in their homes and watching the winch be dropped from the top of a schooner mast—Key West tradition. I met crew who introduced me to Schooner Spirit of Independence and Capt. Rick Sands who became a huge part of my sailing support system. I joined them for some of the sunset cruises as guest crew and highly recommend this attraction when in Key West!

Watching the sun rise and the dolphins feed, toasts and conch horns for the sunset, bright full moons shining on the water, Sat. night potlucks and open mike for the mooring field, happy hours meeting folks from all over, manatees in the harbor, swimming at Sombrero Beach, and snorkeling on Sombrero Reef. Always something going on at St. Columba’s and I sang in the choir in the spring through Easter.

In March Mike and I drove to Annapolis for a sailing workshop. Luckily, he was home when he developed a ruptured appendix with serious complications. His fiancée, Betsy, was an incredible nurse seeing him through the next 8 weeks. I returned to take care of the boat and was made skipper of Ariosa! All went well and my sailing friends provided any help I might need. Longtime friend Elaine Gilbertson came and spent several days with me. We joined in the fun of “The Battle of the Conch Republic” on Spirit of Independence and Key West life. Elaine has caught the sailing bug again! Such is the life of a sailor in winter!

Mike returned in May with weight lifting limits and Dick Couture to help crew on our return to MD. Sailing back in heavy weather as we trailed a fickle tropical depression ANA up the coast provided an exciting trip with winds to 35mph and extremely high waves. Dick was great crew to Beaufort, NC, when he had to leave. Mike and I continued on running into more messy seas in the Chesapeake before completing our journey at Solomons Island. Such an adventure I had never dreamed would be mine! I was truly blessed when I sailed into Annapolis last fall.

May 22 I left Ariosa and flew to Maine with four graduations on my schedule — Tarun Porter, a BS in biology and a BA in French from University of New Brunswick; Lauren Johns graduated with high honors from John Bapst High School, and Cameron Porter from Bluefield High School, PEI. Working in France as an au pair for twin babies, Clarkson University to study engineering, and working at snow making at Lake Louise, Alberta, before entering university — a wonderful mix of talents and great personalities.

Off to Rochester, NY, for a family celebration of Becky Comegys’ life, then down to the Eastern Shore to check out Trillium. It was determined that keel damage had been done when I was hit by another boat while at anchor sailing down from Maine. With good advice from Rick Sands I was directed to City Island, NY, where the boat was transported and has been put in A-1 condition in a great boatyard —Consolidated Yachts. I stayed with Joey and Jim Peace on their lovely farm while arranging all this. Again, friends had come to the rescue and I enjoyed some time quite close to where I grew up! A high school class reunion took me back to DE and a good visit with John and Ellen Hamilton in Dover. The touchstones of our lives become even more meaningful as the years go by.

July11 found me finally back on Shoals Rd. to stay for the summer. The basement guest room was renovated from last fall’s flooding just in time to receive Oscar and Anh Damiani and daughter Kim from Italy! Our AFS son from Gov. TJ High School years had returned and a glorious weekend with many of the family found us cruising on the Katahdin, paddling on Prong Pond, and enjoying hours of chatting and eating around the campfire.  Too few days in Maine this year, but I’m always thankful to return to Shoals Rd.

Little time to sail in the summer, but I did have  a great day aboard Misti and Dan Guerin’s Bristol 35 on Penobscot Bay. After sailing the whole East coast, I still find Maine to be as good as it gets!

Sept. found me in Williamsburg for a Rittenhouse girl cousins first reunion. A grand venue for lots of catching up over too many years, so we have already scheduled a second reunion in Memphis next fall!

Mike came to Maine for a fly fishing week in Sept and to see where it was I live. Eric and Linda came for a weekend of fun and Mike taught her to fly fish. She was a natural and all hoping for more fishing time.

I closed the house in Oct. and drove to NY to visit Dave and Lynn. Foliage across the NE mountains was magnificent. Dave and I drove to Clarkson University to visit Lauren in her new surroundings. From there I came to Reisterstown, MD, the home of Mike and Betsy and my “winter headquarters” between adventures.

I flew to Marsh Harbor, Bahamas, and spent the last two weeks of Oct. on S/V Finesse, Capt. and owner Lloyd Lippe. We had met through Rick Sands. It was as fine a sailing trip as I have ever experienced — lots of sailing. We anchored at Manjack Cay for a week where we met Bill and Leslie who built their home (the only one) 24 yr ago. They shared their bountiful fruit, their knowledge, and their skills teaching us how to open and clean our conchs. In turn we were able to help haul some lumber up the hill for a neighbor who is now building and to go with them to Green Turtle Cay for supplies. Finding the conchs and fixing cracked conch, watching dolphins eating breakfast by the boat, seeing the turtles swim out with the tide, snorkeling, hiking, and taking in the beauty of this paradise was magical. We also sailed south to Lynyard Cay and caught a beautiful 26” mutton red snapper while trolling on our return to Man O War! My last night there and the chef at the Dock ‘n Dine prepared the fish three ways for us to enjoy! And there was still a filet left for Lloyd to eat!

Back to MD on Nov 1 and the next day an invitation to join Ken and Sara Aiken on Tintean to sail from Annapolis to Green Turtle Cay!! We left on the 5th and motored down the Chesapeake to Norfolk in thick fog. The weather cleared for a nice trip through the locks down the ICW in the Dismal Swamp — a new experience for me. Elizabeth City, the Harbor of Hospitality lived up to its name as we spent the weekend there being entertained by friends of the Aikens. Then to River Dunes, a luxurious marina for 2 nights before going to Oriental, NC, for an annual maintenance check. Unfortunately, the check revealed a number of problems requiring lots of work which closed the window of opportunity for me to continue to the Bahamas and return in time to fly to Alberta, Canada, to spend Christmas with Merryman and family.

I had driven to Aiken, SC, to spend a few days with Larry and Jocelyn and stayed through Thanksgiving. Bloodies and Bagels on the lawn, Blessing of the Hounds, and dinner with friends at the Green Boundary rounded out a festive day. I returned to Oriental to meet Mike and Betsy who would bring me back to MD.

I have enjoyed seeing lots of friends and relatives for lunches and visiting Ginny Stanhagen at her new cottage in Winchester as I prepared for Christmas in Banff. The shopping is done and I fly out tomorrow on Dec. 15 to see the Porters in their home of the next 3-5 years in Edmonton, Alberta, while Stephen works on a project in the tarsand fields.

I thank God every day for giving me the friends and family I have and the strength and energy to enjoy all my adventures.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The capt/owner [of the sailboat] has been recovering from surgery since March 15, so I have been aboard alone. It has been an exciting time during which I have also spent a number of days on Spirit of Independence in Key West visiting and sometimes, guest crewing. We begin the sail north around May 1 arriving in Maine in time for granddaughter Tarun’s graduation with two degrees at UNB (Canada). From there I shall be joining a friend to sail the coast of Maine from east to west returning to Bangor for Lauren’s high school graduation. Cameron is the last high school graduate end of June on PEI, Canada.


A Hood reception in Sarasota to meet the new president. Fun sharing a table with Martha Allen ’59 and Carol Horwath and Joan Bennett Moran ’58.




Hope you are doing well. Age has a way of creeping up on us. We have a few aches and pains but we are still able to move around.  Thank God

Our family has three graduations this year, two college and one high school.  We are only making it to the high school graduation. The others are in Chicago and Boston.

Here we moved from the cold in New Jersey to warm California.  Now our family is moving east to the cold zones.  There is something wrong with this picture.

Last year we were able to take a couple of cruises.  We like it if we don’t have3 to fly.  Fortunately we are able to cruise out of San Pedro.  This time we took a coastal cruise and a Mexican Riviera cruise.  It is so nice to be able to relax and be pampered for a week.


Frank Artlett passed away on October 12th.  We had a Thanksgiving Service on October 15th so I have buried the two men in my life within a month!  I will probably return to the states and begin the next chapter of my life in Richmond….near two sons.  My third son, who lives in Hungary, will visit next week for three weeks to help me sort out a collection of junk that Frank compiled for decades since he built the house in 1947…..a big job. He was a hoarder. I came here with two suitcases…..will probably need a container to get out of here. My quilting stash is the most important personal property.  I am starting to send boxes of very meaningful items across the Pacific.

Nancy Rogers Huntsinger recently had shoulder surgery. She is a trooper, but this surgery was more than she had anticipated, I think!  Both of us have been cut too many times. The wounds are now talking!!

Frank Artlett