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To classmates:

Here is a revision of the winter email version of class news. This version will go online.   Only two classmates asked me to omit their news from the website version, so I will delete their news before sending to Ashley Wilson at Hood.  I will condense this to the 750-word limit for the summer magazine.

If you have a classmate/friend who does not use email, please print out a copy and send it to her and encourage her to mail me her news.

Many thanks to Mary-Lou Trout Haddad for spearheading the class Blazer Brick project.  Her original goal was to solicit donations for a $700 6×9 brick for the special Plaza near Alumnae Hall.  Classmates quickly contributed over $1,000, so the Class of 1959 will be remembered with a larger brick.


I would like to give you my new address as of April 6th.  2100 Indian Creek Blvd East.  Apt A. 317, Vero Beach, Fl 32966.  This is a retirement community, where I will be living in independent living.  Email address remains the same for now.

ELEANOR BROWN WHEELER:   Hello to my classmates, and a big thank you to Anne for keeping us together.

I am happy to report that for Phil and me there is no news, and that is good news. We still live in the same house, with our son and daughter both living “just near enough.” The grandchildren are all teens, which keeps us well aware of how quickly time passes.

Who would have guessed back in 1959 that I would find history fascinating? But I continue to enjoy working on genealogy. I sent in a DNA sample to ancestry.com and I am hoping to track down some of my 87 fourth cousins. I would enjoy hearing from anyone else who is working with their family history.

And I was part of a volunteer project to retype scanned copies of our local paper from the war years (1941-1946). The quality of the papers was such that they were not searchable. Figuring out all the words and transcribing them into notepad, then linking to them from our local library, made them usable. If you would enjoy a glimpse at life in the first half of the 1940’s, visit www.krl.org.kitsap-history.

Wishing everyone the best – Eleanor


(from Florida Keys) I am very pleased to be named temporary skipper of Ariosa by Mike Pittinger. After such a wonderful experience this winter, I am just glad to have learned so much about the boat that I am very comfortable taking care of her. I have joined St. Columba church choir and sang for the first time yesterday. Sat. night was a potluck and music night here at the marina which is always fun meeting new people and the music was great. Last night was dinner at the Alehouse — 2 for 1 from 4:00 to 6:00! — and a delicious meal of coconut shrimp. Shared this with Carolyn Jensen and two friends.  With Greenville being the coldest spot in the state with -14 chill factor, I am very happy to be enjoying 85 degree days and warm ocean water. Will try to post some pictures when there is less pressure on the internet

April 13:  Sunday at St. Columba was a day to celebrate Travelers, those of us only here in the winter. After special blessings for safe travel home, we enjoyed a picnic at Sombrero Beach. This is quite close to the harbor and the sailboat is coming out Sister Creek from the harbor. I shall certainly miss all at St. Columba.



My three sons and families are well and busy.  Karen Coppage is a freshman at William and Mary.  She loves it—quite an adjustment for her after growing up in Hungary.

I know Hood is searching for a president.  No way I would want to follow in Dr. Volpe’s footsteps.  He is so enthusiastic and has accomplished major changes with apparent ease.

Hope to attend my 60th high school reunion next September.  Time has gone!


Thank you for the nice note regarding Jamie.  She does make me so happy and proud.  It was really Joel who recognized her talent and told her to pursue the craft.  She had to try performing first, but, then knew how much she needed to write.  She loves it, but, it is so demanding, and uncertain.  This prize, among others she has won, does help to keep her pursuing her profession.

It does make up for the rejections you have to endure along the way.

We are in Naples for the winter.  Came on December 30th and don’t go home until April 7th.  It sure has been nice being away from the cold North, but, it has been unseasonably cool and windy many days.  No need to complain though.  When we return we will only be home a month and then we leave for a month in L.A.   Our 3 families there are all having milestone events.  My oldest son Bart’s two sons graduate, one from USC and the other one from high school.  Jamie’s son Huck is being Bar Mitzvahed, and her daughter is in a musical at school, plus a very important ballet recital.  Dick’s son and his wife are celebrating their daughter’s Bat Mitzvah over the Memorial Day weekend.  So we go there on May 13th and return on June 9th!  We are renting an apartment in Westwood,  just a few blocks from Jamie.  It will be a fun time, and a busy one.  Wouldn’t miss it all for anything!


March 5, 2015 (during East Coast snowstorm):  Been a wonderful trip, been from Sydney to Perth, to Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, Kakadu, Darwin and now Alice. Took trains from Perth to Adelaide and Darwin to Alice Springs. Ayers Rock and Cairns to come. Hope your snow and ice have finished by time we return late next week. Is 90 here.

Natalie and I had a wonderful month in Australia. Understand why Gail Painter loves it so.

Getting a little old for all this running around.


Hi there. All is well with me and I divide my time between my co-op in Washington DC and my Beach Home in Bethany Beach DE

Have had some great travel experience including taking granddaughter and daughter-in-law for 10 days in London.  (Martha Allen joined me.)  Had a great well-located apartment and enjoyed all the best of London–Museums, Food, History, and Theatre, etc.

After a great season at the Beach with lots of family and friends visiting, it was back to DC to enjoy all it has to offer.

Travel to Mexico (a Spa week) and then to Madrid in February.

Involvement with my co-op (am running for the Board) as well as continuing my very part time (1/2 day a week) as a Food and culinary consultant keep me busy as well as my work with another Culinary Group Les Dames fills my time. Plan to attend Ron Volpe’s Retirement event in March with Martha Allen and we will stay with Carol LeGore.  Cheers!  Edee


Carole stopped overnight at my house April 16th on her way to her daughter, Caroline’s in Greenbackville, VA.  Carole’s main purpose for this trip is to put her parents’ house on the market.  Anyone know someone who might be interested in a roomy rancher in pastoral Wicomico County, MD?  Minutes from Ocean City.  Email Carole at ccjrogers65@msn.com. Granddaughter Olivia continues to thrive as a junior at MIT.


My news for Hood College: December 2014

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2013 and underwent a lumpectomy on New Year’s Eve! and radiation for six weeks, beginning in February. Luckily it was caught early but it took time to get my energy back. I have some other health issues but won’t go into them. I feel like I’m “one big pill” as I’m taking a number of them. I’m trying to remain upbeat and know that other people have more health problems than I do.

Glad to see the pictures in the last issue of those who did attend our 55th and of Aki, daughter and granddaughter.

July 2014: One of our twin granddaughters, Morgan age 15, is here for three weeks. She is helping in the sound booth for the annual outdoor musical, “Fiddler on the Roof.”  She was here for 2 weeks last year when the musical was “The Music Man.”  The drama teacher at her high school is delighted she knows how to run a soundboard.  We expect the rest of the family the last weekend of July and we will attend the musical.

November 29: Norm and I are moving into a retirement community in Walla Walla, WA, about eight blocks from our house. Movers come Dec. 3rd and the house is full of packed boxes, most sealed. He has balance problems so that was the reason for our decision. I’m sure some of you know it’s a big change from a house into a 2 -bedroom apartment. I hope my piano will be moved only when we are able to move from independent to assisted living. In the meantime I’ll teach at home if the house doesn’t sell immediately.

[Feb] To bring everyone up to date: Offer on the house came within five days of our moving as it is in a wonderful location. We had to be out Jan. 9, estate sale the following weekend and we signed the closing papers a week ago. However, we did have to move the piano into the apartment. I don’t encourage anyone to move as quickly as we did. I’m advising my younger friends to start “clearing out” now!


Still living in Palo Alto in same house and with same spouse, Bill Beall. I continue to do some travel arranging for clients, but am slowly retiring from that. Meanwhile we continue to travel ourselves internationally for new adventures and domestically to our sisters’ and families in Massachusetts and Ohio.

I am on the board for the future Palo Alto History Museum. We have a lovely historic building to house the Museum, but our efforts now are to raise the funds for the seismic upgrades and renovations.

Also involved with Friends of the Palo Alto Parks.

And most importantly, I love playing golf! This is a relatively new sport for me, but fortunately all my friends who played tennis for years and now have new knees and hips, are playing golf instead. So lots of support, encouragement, and opportunities.

Our son John is a Chiropractor and developed a Fitness facility in Alameda, CA. He is still single but has a neat dog! So she is my grand dog!

Well wishes to all.

Susan Kuehn Beall

Preferred email address.



I am still living a pretty normal life.  I am moving to a different retirement facility in March mainly because I need a little lower costing place.  It is in Boise, Idaho, instead of Meridian, Idaho.  The address as of March 20 will be:

5850 N. Five Mile Road
Boise, Idaho 83713

My E-mail is the same, and my cell phone is the same.


I shall try to have more exciting news next time.

Love and peace to all of you.


ANNE MONTESANO KERPSACK ELLIS wrote in her Christmas letter that her dear friend, Jim Price, died last April from lung cancer.  Anne and Jim were together 18 years.  She sold her Cranberry Farm in Ohio in December and planned to spend October–May in Florida and May– October at Conesus Lake, NY.  Anne enjoyed many trips last year, including her “dream trip” to Japan for 2 ½ weeks with the Friendship Force of N.E. Ohio.  She visited museums, enjoyed the hospitality in many homes, experienced the “Japanese bath,” explored Mt. Fuji, rode the “bullet train,” visited several schools, learned to eat with chopsticks, sang songs, danced the “cupid shuffle” (“look it up on the net,” she says), and made good friends. “One more lifelong wish fulfilled.”  Meyran reunion in Philadelphia in October, where they each roomed with roommates from 55 years ago (Jan Knecht/Betty Kutz, Anne/Nancy Smith, Gloria Friedman/Merle Winer, and Myra Silberstein).  She said Philadelphia is “a great city–so clean and so much to see and do.  The Barnes Museum was awesome–don’t miss it!” Anne now has email:  akerpsackellis@hotmail.com.


We’re looking forward to a busy spring and early summer before the Texas heat settles in and we hibernate!  Our oldest grandson gets married on April 24, here in Austin at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, an especially lovely setting at this time of year.  At the end of June, we will join our son Phil and his wife, Tammi, in Beaver Creek, Colorado, for a week, then will spend a few days with Don and Karen Nordberg Sanders ’60, at their home in Golden before heading to Santa Fe, where we meet Bob’s brother and sister-in-law, in from California for the opera.  Some of our favorite places!


J. P. says she is relatively confined because of her shortness of breath and the chill in the air.  She has met new neighbors who lived for a time in her hometown, Hyde Park, NY, and is looking forward to catching up on local color.  She had a check-up with her vascular surgeon, who said she is exceeding his expectations.  She will see her cardiologist and hematologist later this month.  She uses the Roland Park Place house bus to take her to shop for groceries.  She’s reading The Kingdom of Ice by Hampton Sides about the U.S.S. Jeannette and Mr. Wilson’s War by John Dos Passos.

MYRA SILBERSTEIN GOLDGEIER spent Passover with her daughter, Eileen, in Raleigh, NC.  Myra and I met for lunch recently in Baltimore with English friends who enjoyed getting to know Merle Winer ’58 and husband Tom Benson when they spent  time in Oxford.

MARY-LOU TROUT HADDAD had full-replacement knee surgery and is recovering.  She was well taken care of by husband, Charles.

PAT WEVER KNOLL   We do have some awesome news!   Our daughter Kathy is getting married this May – first marriage and we are thrilled.  Also, our Granddaughter, Ryn Weaver (she took my Dad’s name cuz hers is difficult) sang on David Letterman Jan. 23rd and is performing in NY, CA, and London in Feb.  She is a pop singer who CNN says they are watching in 2015. We, including her, are all overwhelmed, humbled, and a little scared at the same time.  Ron and I are in good health, thank God, other than a broken foot and some eye surgeries.   

Marion   Zugale Rapp


[Sue continues to suffer severe back pain after two surgeries and is considering] a neurostimulation program that I may have to try as the last ditch.  It is set up to stop the pain from reaching the brain.

I don’t have too much of a social life because of this but I am still active in my church and choir.  I keep up with the work around the house and of course, I have my three little dogs that help me get up in the morning.  They are Willie (Wilson), WAL-E and Penny and really keep me busy. ?

I also keep busy with the organizations that rescue animals, mainly dogs and cats.  Which reminds me, I have a calico cat named Little Girl.  She is sweet and very independent, but I love her so much.  I lost two of my calicos last year and miss them terribly.

Have any of you heard of the National Search Dog Foundation?  I have gotten very involved with this organization.  They train dogs rescued from the pounds that show signs of being great search dogs.  These dogs are trained over a period of 6 months and then given to a handler, usually a fireperson.  Then that fireperson is trained for 6 more months.  It is a long process, but if you were buried under concrete, you would be very glad to hear that dog barking, letting the handler know there is someone to rescue.  During the Tsunami a few years ago, they found 20 live people.  They have been to the Oklahoma bombing, the World Trade Center, etc.  We have teams across the US and in Mexico.  These dogs are trained to rescue only the live not the dead.  It is an amazing organization.  A good friend of mine started this about 12 years ago after taking her rescue dog to the Oklahoma bombing and knew that the US needed more FEMA certified teams.  At present we have approx. 160 and are aiming for 200.  If the dog doesn’t work our as a search dog, they are kept for the rest of their lives in forever homes.  Hopefully we will never have to use them, but they are here if needed.


Thank you so much for the wonderful photo of 55th reunion – I could not take my eye off from it.  I enjoyed looking at our 1959 Touchstone again.  If I were there, the kind gentleman, Bob, could not comment about our hair color the same way … :-)


I had a nice long holiday break but now am again teaching two sections of freshman English at Stevenson University.  This semester I have the literature class instead of the writing class and find it more enjoyable.  The students are terrific.  It’s exhilarating to be with them twice a week.

These were my favorite books read in 2014:

Bloom, Amy, Lucky Us

Brown, Carrie, The Last First Day

Doerr, Anthony, All the Light We Cannot See

Forna, Aminatta, The Hired Man

Gardam, Jane, God on the Rocks

Just, Ward, American Romantic

Klay, Phil, Redeployment

Lawson, Mary, The Other Side of the Bridge

Lawson, Mary, Road Ends

Mandel, Emily St. John, Station Eleven

Mantel, Hilary, The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher

Marra, Anthony, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

Rogerson, Cynthia, Upstairs in the Tent

Smiley, Jane, Some Luck

Stibbe, Nina, Love, Nina

Tolbin, Colm, Nora Webster

This year I loved Anne Tyler’s A Spool of Blue Thread!

And Perfect by Rachel Joyce.




410 377 5026; aheuisler@comcast.net

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