1958: Winter 2015

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Marilyn Garis Kellow

Barbara Windsor Bien and husband Wayne are doing reasonably well and had planned a trip to South Dakota in late May or June. They have new friends who own a ranch near Rapid City and want to take them to see the sights (Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Monument and hopefully lots of bison). Barb said that perhaps she will get up on a (gentle) horse after 30 or more years and accompany Wayne and his friends in sightseeing. Wayne is still doing hippotherapy (sometimes called equine therapy) for his MS and still has his horse Bouffe, a dark Bay thoroughbred and former race horse. He’s 20-years-old and still going strong; Wayne rides him when he can. Barb is still volunteering at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore educating visitors about climate change and the Zoo’s mission to raise awareness about wildlife. Her favorite place to be is the Tundra Buggy visitor center, which is warm in winter and cool in summer and has a terrific view of their polar bears, Magnet, a male and great sleeper and occasional swimmer and Anoki, their female who has just finished denning for the winter and will be back on view with Magnet. Barb also continues to volunteer with Al-Anon in Baltimore. She has been a member for over 31 years and volunteers for the answering service, directing newcomers to meetings. Painting, drawing and reading are still hobbies as is writing (currently putting off a still unfinished novel about a girl with ADHD), movie going, attending Center Stage in Baltimore City, yoga and walking (no more hiking). Also, thanks to the miracle of unlimited long distance, Barb can call her daughter in N.C. (Raleigh area) and talk to her two granddaughters, 14 and 6 years old, and even listen to the 6-year-old kindergartener read her three weekly assigned books. Life is good. Jenny Krohn Rose and husband Shep keep busy training their Portuguese WaterDog. She is the star at Sit Means Sit. If anyone is in the Vegas area, they would be happy to hear from you. Fortunately, they are still in good health. Marthanne Stephens Smith said, “No news except I am cold and old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Penny Hunt Solum said that they are coping just fine with the winter weather in Connecticut. She talked to Liz Conklin Collins recently and will be visiting her in the early spring. Liz asked that she share her current address and phone: 933 Edgewood Road, Annapolis MD 21402 Apt. #105, Phone: 410-507-5328. Despite the current chaos in Greece, Penny was looking forward to heading there in mid-April to tour Athens for several days before a week’s adventure to the Island of Lesvos to bird watch with a group of pals from Connecticut. It will be spring migration for the birds and it is Penny’s wish to be able to add a few new species to bring her world-wide bird list up to 3,000 sightings! Following the birding, she planned to head to London and join her husband at their younger son’s home there for a couple weeks. Their older son will join them for a few days, all to celebrate her husband John’s 80th birthday and their 55th wedding anniversary! Sara Lea Callaway Redmon wrote that everything is pretty much the same, for which she is thankful. She suggests that it would be nice to send Dr. Volpe cards of thanks for his years of service to Hood. She is excited about his replacement and is confident that Hood will continue to meet the challenges of high education. Jo Olmstead Witherington continues to keep busy with three choruses and concerts and extra events for non-profit organizations. She also gives talks to school children about the Civil War and the American Revolution. She fits all this in between travels. This year she will be going back to Italy, France and China.

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