1958: Winter 2014

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Penny Adams Rogers has cut back on overseas work for the U.S. Department of State and is serving on local nonprofit boards dealing with children’s needs and cancer research. She and husband occasionally do extra work for Hawaii 5-0. They have had a lot of house guests since last May. Mary Allen Reynolds reported the sad news that husband John passed away the end of April. He had the triple whammy of terminal colon cancer, heart disease and severe memory loss. Many tributes have been made by his professional colleagues all over the world. Mary is appreciative of the support she has received. Elly Baumgart Ritchie made a trip to Florida in the fall and planned to head to Phoenix for the holidays. A grandson was headed for Europe with his hockey team after Christmas. Jeb Bennett Moran keeps busy walking and going on fun excursions throughout Florida this summer and fall with a special gentleman friend. She reported that Carol Horwath Klecka is on a two week trip to Southeast Asia. Anne Merrick Vosti has 12 grandchildren ranging from 26 to 10 years old, providing a lot of excitement. Ken is fully retired from Stanford Medical School after 54 years. Ricky said, “I am attempting some painting lessons which has been great fun. My efforts will not be in the Louvre any time soon.” Jo Olmstead Witherington keeps busy with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Her chorus is busy with a number of charity and special events. Bunnie Potter Richardson is busy with church activities, reading, piano and some travel. She is the designated driver now since Brian had some eye problems. Their oldest of seven grandchildren is in her third year of medical school. Marthanne Stephens Smith wrote that she was taking care of her daughter’s dog for 12 days while she visited Martha’s granddaughter who is spending her first semester of her junior year in England. Martha has three grandsons, a freshman at Johns Hopkins and two in high school in Vermont. She keeps busy taking college courses “not for credit, just to keep my brain open.” Biking is also a favorite activity. “We back up to a beautiful state park with a bike trail so I try to swing my leg over the bike seat as often as the spirit moves me.” Anne Walton Merrickhad the happiest news. She wrote, “Our youngest son was finally married five years ago and he and his wife had a baby girl Nov. 7, 2012. She is our first and will be our only grandchild. We consider her our little miracle. We did not think it would ever happen and could not be more thrilled!” That is wonderful news, Anne. Ruth Wood Weaver related the sad news that her husband Shelton died last May. Her two daughters and four grandchildren are giving her great support. Billy Graham’s home and library are nearby and George Beverly Shea is a very close friend. Both provide inspiration and company. Ruth still milks goats daily, “an avocation that gets me out of bed every day.” It is so great to hear from you, Ruth. Thank you for your kind thoughts of support.

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