1958; Fall 2018

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Marilyn Garis Kellow
Susanne Smith Evans was sidetracked from attending our 60th by a heart process requiring a pacemaker. Her healing is going well.
Jane Walton Godfrey and Dick were married 60 years in December and are expecting their first great grandchild in August. They are still involved with Odyssey Church which provides for adults with special needs.
Heard from Carolyn “Cyp” Patton Meyer, but she said there was really nothing new to report.
Mary Allen Reynolds has recovered nicely from knee surgery. She has several trips planned…..flying to Seattle for her son’s wedding, attending the US Tennis Open in NYC in August, and a trip on the Columbia River in September.
Penny Adams Rogers is in Boston for the summer (maybe fall) and would love to hear from classmates, especially those in the area. Call her at 808-428-4034.
Anne “Ricky” Merrick Vosti is thankful that her family lives close by to help her as she progresses on a new challenging path without Ken. She was pleased to have Dr. Chapdelaine and Nancy Gillece visit in April during their trip to CA. She was pleased to hear how Hood is doing in this competitive college world.
Carole Moore White and Fritz are enjoying living near 3 of their girls. Carole has a new hip and Fritz is in remission (just pray it stays that way). They feel fortunate their primary care physician is from Mayo, just 15 minutes away.
Jean Olmstead Witherington wrote from Tokyo, Japan. Upon returning home, she will be rehearsing for a classical and patriotic concert.
As I write this news, our 60th reunion was held last weekend. Joan “Jeb” Bennett Moran was “volunteered” to be the reporter. She managed to send the following news before my deadline:
Reunion Weekend 2018 was spectacular. The beautiful campus, varied and interesting activities, and ample food and drink…. but best of all, we were able to visit with classmates and staff we hadn’t seen for 10 years or more!
Some of our classmates said that they were transferred back to “student days” when walking onto the campus. Our experiences, including President Chapdelaine’s update on future plans, provided the same sense of pride we had as students & now have as alumnae.
The eight 1958 class members attending were Eleanor Baumgart Ritchie, Joan Bennett Moran, Sara Lea Callaway Redmon, Joan C. Enterline, Carol Horwath Klecka, Margaret Jacob Jones, Virginia Manning Peltzer, & Ruth Wood Weaver. Sara Lea & Joan Enterline did an outstanding job of chairing class activities. Carl Redmon was a wise, wonderful companion for all of us.
A special time occurred Saturday when we shared our post-Hood lives with each other. Each of us has experienced 60 years differently. The 31 deceased members of our class were remembered.
The following are individual comments written in response to Jeb’s request for personal statements:
Eleanor Baumgart Ritchie: “Enjoying life with house renovations & traveling. Have become a docent for Un. of MD Environmental Science Visitors House.”
Jeb Bennet Moran: “Delighted to be back at Hood.” Stealing & sharing Sara Lea’s observation: “The campus looks different when you walk with a cane, look for elevators & sit down to rest at every bench!”
Sara Lea Callaway Redmon: “We all had a great time! Carl and I drove 500 miles to see the beautiful campus, visit with classmates, & share memories. Our visit reminded me of the value of my education.”
Joan Enterline: “Our group of nine was small in number but we had fun.”
Carol Horwath Klecka: “Reunion was fantastic! (I suggest) when someone speaks to a group, a microphone should be used as it’s almost impossible for older people to understand.”
Margaret “Peg” Jacob Jones: “It was great to see the six other who made it. Weather was great…Music was loud (making it) hard to converse at dinner…but well worth the trip here!”
Ruth Wood Weaver: “Since the 60th reunion was a one-time event, I gave up hosting the quarterly NC Goat Association meeting at my house. But, reconnecting with the Hoodlum girls was a greater opportunity.”
Virginia “Ginny” Manning Peltzer granddaughter drove her from Warrenton, VA, for the Alumnae Luncheon on Saturday. It was a pleasant surprise and real treat to catch up on her news.
The final amount of our class gift is not yet known yet. However, we purchased, placed, and viewed the brick our class dedicated. It read “IN CELEBRATION OF OUR 60TH REUNION & HOOD’S 125TH YEAR FROM THE CLASS OF 1958…JUNE, 2018” Seeing it made us proud!

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