1957: Winter 2015

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Molly Smith Sperandio

Nancy Paul Stimson reported, “The new year was moving along in grand style. Bob was recovering well from his massive heart attack. Our oldest granddaughter had an Xmas wedding, December 27 in historic Philadelphia. It was beautiful, like a fairy tale; the only sad part was her father died last March but my daughter Valerie did a great job and held up well. We were looking forward to a trip to St. John in the Caribbean in March. In the meantime, they enjoyed New England’s cold.” Sara Davidson Haney wrote, “The holiday season was great. I spent early Christmas day in Connecticut with my younger son and his family and then flew to Utah for the remainder of Christmas with my older son and his family. It made for a long day but was lots of fun. I am now waiting for some repairs after a large tree fell on the power lines. I’ll be on my way to Florida for some warmer weather and to enjoy my horses. I have been enjoying volunteering at a local therapeutic riding program, but right now it’s too cold for both horses and riders. I am happy to be healthy and here!” Barbara Thomas Yinger said, “My holidays seem to always begin with gathering greens, making wreaths and decorating one of the houses for the local museum Christmas Tour–all as a member of the local garden club. We did have a few days in Maryland with son Scott and family, and then a week’s cruise to the Bahamas in January. In February, she planned to spend another few days at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show to take two classes and get re-inspired. Unfortunately, Sally Masten Peterson passed away on February 28, 2015. A few months ago, I had called her on the phone because I did not hear from her this Christmas. Her husband George died last summer after a long battle with throat cancer. Sally had been receiving chemo for about a year. I don’t know how the mis-information got in the last news item that Barbara Beckhelm Moore was in the class of ’62. She never went to Hood but did live there when her father taught music. We were best friends from first grade through junior high school before the family moved to Iowa.” Peg Reeves Leopold wrote of her daughter Barbara’s marriage in Washington and her trip with her son Rick and his girl to Costa Rico. They hit the beautiful beaches Rick loves and surfs, but Peg found visiting part of the Monte Verde cloud forest and walking the seven steel suspension bridges at the top of the tree canopy, amazing. David and Julie moved to Richmond and the grandchildren are excelling in their interests. Peg still “plays in the dirt” with the master gardeners and “twists her bones” through her yoga classes. Peg shared a Christmas letter from Ginger Smith Reichert’s husband Hal, who is handling this second year after her death busily dealing with health and house problems and extolling the virtues of children, grandchildren and his newly received title of “Great” grandpa. A brief note from Syl Davison Rost said that she and Dwight are enjoying life with relatively few problems. Molly Smith Sperandio reported, “I don’t know if it is an age thing or what, but there always seems to be something physical plaguing me as time goes on.  In September I had a total hip replacement, having put it off from the year before when the surgeon told me I’d go to a cane, then walker, then wheelchair if I didn’t have the surgery. After having to use a cane, I decided to listen to the doctor.  Now I’ve been diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and I’m going to put off again the prescribed surgery. I’ll wear the wrist stabilizers (actually, I won’t, because they cause me more pain and are more a hindrance than a help!) and take the cortisone shots for a while and see how that works. Other than those fun things, life goes on as usual. My favorite season of tax preparation is here and having to deal with the ACA is a challenge. Easter came early, so I am singing and ringing with gusto. Ushering for three different theaters gives me lots of great shows and concerts to enjoy. I was not about to head north in March for my annual sisters’ reunion and had to put that off until April–I’m a Floridian and don’t want to chance dealing with what you all have had once again this year. Stay warm and healthy my friends!”

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