1956; Winter 2018

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Muriel Chait Durbin P’81

Helen Yinger Reed – Jim and I are healthy and active. We still live in Braddock Heights.  Our three boys are doing well and our three grandgirls are a delight. Oldest girl graduated from Hood and is in the workplace. The other two ages 10 and12 are in Middletown schools and are involved in lots of activities. The younger girls live next door so they keep us very busy! Becky Eppers Byrd- I continue to do many crafts and volunteer work. Fortunately, my health is basically good. Went with my oldest daughter to Ohio in September to see my sister-in-law and one of her sons & family. October brought middle daughter and family. They will be back for Thanksgiving as will youngest daughter and family. Very much looking forward to the family time.  Alison Malloch Curran I moved into an adult community and it has been quite a change.  Sold the house of 35 years and moved to Seabrook an Erickson Community and it is great.  No more responsibilities that go with the house.  It’s about 5 miles from the house so I still can see all my old friends and enjoy my old activities.  Sure is better during storms, rain or snow, not having to worry about downed trees or cleaning up afterwards. Ginny Turnbull Hecklinger- I have sold the house and moved to Homewood in Frederick where my daughter is in the administration. The timing was right because I wanted to take a trip to New Zealand and return to get settled in a new place. The trip was amazing and will be a wonderful memory forever. Brother Jack and his wife set it up, we traveled the North and South Islands as well as Stewartstown, the gateway to the world. The job of moving turned out to deprive me of all energy and test my mind of keeping track of where everything was being placed or downsized. All is well; I’m happy here -7401 Willow Rd. Apt.349, Frederick, Md.21702. Carole Oswald Carter, Susan Peters Roetzel Wirths, and Sandy Newing, and I had lunch together and want to extend the invitation whenever anyone comes to Frederick. I love being 10 minutes from Hood! Kathy Crook Heidelbach- Life continues to be very busy for me at my retirement community. I am finishing up my second year as secretary of our residents’ association, still enjoying chorale, chapel choir and handbells. Have found knitting baby hats for the local hospitals and scarves for our servicemen to be a rewarding way to spend my spare time. Enjoyed being with Becky Eppers Byrd and Ginny Turnbull Hecklinger at the Legacy Brunch in late September. Only got to spend two long weeks at Bethany Beach this summer. Family is well, with two granddaughters out of college. Cinny Sternberg Schein- Just came back from a great Hood tour to Apulia, Italy.  Hood was beautifully represented by Nancy Gillece ’81 and I met many interesting Hoodlums, including Marge Lesser Elfin, who taught at Hood when Nancy was a student. My family is all fine: twin grandkids are going on junior semester abroad, Besy to New Zealand and Will to Capetown South Africa.  My sons (and wives) are all doing well. I’m still performing with the Sun-Coast Duo Pianists and with the Venice Musicale group, but dropped out of church choir – too much going on. Sally Hamilton Bundy- I have just started a mission for the Mormon Church. I’ll be a missionary for the Family Search Center, helping people search the family history of their ancestors.  It can be done on the Family Search site and other sites on the computer.  I’ll serve a couple of days a week for a year and a half.  My only other news is a new great grandbaby making 32 great grandchildren.  Life is good and my health is still OK.  It is great to hear from everyone. Carole Oswald Carter is still just involved with local woman’s club thing….flea market, refinishing and replacing seats on chairs, knitting….just regular small town “older women” stuff. As for me, Muzzy Chait Durbin, it has been a busy fall. Attended my oldest grandson’s wedding in Sept in Ireland and the following week I went to Spain and Portugal with his mom, Patti Durbin, a great two weeks. I’m still working, love my work as a travel agent, and recently did honeymoons for third generation clients. Loved hearing from everyone. Here’s to a healthy, happy 2018 for all

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