1956: Winter 2013

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 Our condolences to Bob Mitchell on the death of his wife Sally Galbraith Mitchell. Alison Malloch Curran wrote to tell us about the death of Ginger Bingham Frerichs. They roomed together at Hood and in California. She saw another roommate Cokey Lanoue Weber in California. She spent two weeks with a friend in Ohio hiding from Hurricane Sandy. She returned to a dozen limbs down in her front yard. The cleanup is still going. She was lucky with power out for only two weeks. She took a ride as close as she could go to see the shore and the terrible devastation. Muriel (Mauzy) Chait Durbin retired in June from the Santa Monica High School. She still is a travel consultant and recently enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Amalfi Coast of Italy and Sicily so she is enjoying retirement and keeping busy. Ann Barnet wrote that she is still enjoying city life. Everything she wants to needs is an easy walk or bus ride. Nancy Rank Ledger has moved to the East side and it is an easy bus ride so they still see each other. Ann is still in touch with Mary Holland McRae and Carol Welch Snyder. Carol’s husband Ron died last year. Our condolences to you Carol. Ruth Irwin Weidner is in the depths of Alzheimer’s. Evelyn Karsten Petrie said, “The sky is a beautiful blue and the golf course is an outstanding green. What a change after cataract surgery last spring.” In July, she and a friend went by bus to the Calgary Stampede with many stops along the way. She had never seen a chuck wagon, but enjoyed the five chuck wagons that raced seven times. Each wagon was pulled by a team of four horses. She also enjoyed a week at the beach and other side trips. Her normal activities include a book group, Mexican train, Bible study and putting group and volunteering at Gilda’s club. “Love to all.” Rebecca Eppers Byrd considered it a good year with no broken bones, hospital stays or illnesses. She is still busy with the Corner Store at Homewood. She keeps busy with daughters and grandchildren. Matthew graduated from high school and is now at American Univ. Alexis got over Lyme disease only to have an appendectomy the week she returned to school. She just received her driver’s license. Carla’s triplets are in sixth grade and doing well. In June, she picked up Ginny Turnbull Hecklinger and went to Bethany Beach for a mini reunion with Katharine Crook Heidelbach and Nancy Gunnet Tyler. Barbara Bundens North wrote that she is well and is enjoying the football season. The North Dakota State Bisons are playing well. Hopefully, they will win the championship a second year in a row. She went to Texas in January for their game. She continues as a Hospice volunteer, Fargo-Morehead Symphony and the Fargo Morehead Opera. Mondays will find her at Hector International Airport where she volunteers at the information desk. Carole Oswald Carter P’80, P’85 sings with a group at her church. One grandson is at Virginia Commonwealth Univ. here in Richmond so hopefully she will get down several times while he is here. She said there was nothing earth shaking to report. She still enjoys the light and fancy. When they moved to Harper’s Ferry 20 years ago, there were a lot of neighborhood children, so she and daughter Janeen thought it would be fun to invite them to make gingerbread houses. They are still at it. They have four small molds, and one large one for graduating seniors. They currently have 25-30 kids. This year there are more highschoolers than grade-schoolers. “It really is a fun time for all of us. Other than that, I do my gardening, participate with our local woman’s club and stay out of trouble,” said Carole. Cynthia Bromberg Rogers wrote, “Compared to so many suffering from Hurricane Sandy, I feel lucky to have survived with only minor damage and inconveniences. Due to my recent surgery and chronic health problems, Joe and I have temporarily canceled our trip to Florida where we were thinking about relocating.” Her family is well. Nicole, the oldest grandchild, is applying to law school while her brother Zack is applying to college. Ben is a sophomore at Colgate and younger brother Eric is in high school. How quickly the time goes as we get younger. Sarah Lou Hurst Stonehurst is no longer comfortable driving and is planning to give up her car and move into a senior building with van service.

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