1954; Winter 2019

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Jean Baker Weikert


It is always enlightening to set aside time to reconnect with class members to share the varied experiences. It was possible to communicate with several classmates. In Newtown, Connecticut, Mary Starr “Skippy” Smith Adams is considering a nearby relocation. It is always refreshing to speak directly to her, she sounded as kind and friendly as ever. Donna McDowell Boswell, West Chester, relayed she has fallen and twice suffered a broken back. Discussion was not possible at this time since she was expecting visitors. We shall keep Donna in our prayers. June Walker Beck of Mt Airy communicated nicely. We’re hoping she, and possibly her son, shall be able to visit us and view our cross keys village campus (crossroads of routes 30 and 94) as she enjoys revisiting new oxford and its antique shops. She also recalls Y-Hut student days and day students! Sally Bogar Hedstrom has called with concern about Anne Lyon Canon’s passing away from strokes and other health issues. Sally tells of Frederick’s eateries and boutiques. Nolah Sawyer Fulk, Pitman NJ, is also considering relocating. Still living in a large home with beautiful antiques, Nolah speaks of a daughter and son-in-law moving to Clearwater, Florida. Nolah’s travels include the following: the barrier islands off the coast of Georgia plus trying to avoid hurricane Michael; visiting the grand canyon of Pennsylvania; an auto-train ride to Florida to visit a snowbird friend; and also a bus tour to see Jesus The Christ at Sight and Sound Theatre with lunch at Shady Maple Smorgasbord. Mark and I have also enjoyed a bus trip to Sight and Sound to experience Jesus The Christ with lunch at Hershey restaurant. Betty Remsberg Decoligny moved from her and Warren’s farm in Middletown, MD to Homewood in Hanover, PA. Her husband Warren passed away several months ago. They have a new great grandson Caden Rae. Outreach calls were made to Penny Hapgood Noepel, Peggy Patterson Sabiston, Jane Hinkle Stockdale, Anne Smith Knoll, Adlyn Hollearn Hickey and Betsy Driggs Haight. Those calls were either directed to voicemail or disconnected or not in service. Some interesting class statistics: 70 class members living with mailing addresses; 15 asking removal from contact; 16 deceased (3 in 2018) Anne Lyon Canon, Nancy McCormack King, Kay Moorhead Castell; 12 “lost” classmates – Patricia Ashcroft Sarandria, Marylyn Bond Brown, Eleanore E. Crozier, Sheila Delaney Marks, Flor Garcia Botero, Margaret Glover, Barbara Hoffman Steiner, Dixie May, Charlotte Pearlman, Pamela Seltzer Rushton, Ann Timanus Erickson, Jane Watson. Your class correspondent is recovering from a September 12th accident which resulted in a brain concussion and a right wrist fracture. We were on our way to an exercise class when I, seated backwards on a walker, catapulted backwards and landed on my back and the back of my skull. My walker seemed to take on a life of its own. Then, I underwent a cat scan at Hanover hospital which revealed a brain bleed which necessitated my going to a trauma center in York for several days receiving other cat scans and MRI’s. Care there is excellent. I’ve since had check-ups at Apple Hill Medical Center in York plus Gettysburg Wellspan Hospital for the wrist fracture and brain bleed. Follow up with occupational therapy was extremely helpful. The occupation therapists visited 3 times weekly for about 3 weeks and gave to me stretch bands and stand up exercises for balance, power and strength. Mark, the children, sons-in-law and grandkids are great help as I heal. Thankfully, much of being dazed and dizzy has passed. Were blessed to have out cottage with all one floor. Son Andy Leister is located nearby in a nursing home where we can help him since he had a stroke three years ago which made his right side paralyzed. Other children Kathy, Chris, Heidi and Dan live in Hanover. Grandchildren Kelsey, David, Erin, Sierra, Rachael, Nick and Sean are: on alumni staff of St John College, Santa Fe, New Mexico; captain in US Army; music teacher in PA; being employed in housekeeping and volunteering at UTZ terrace; working in the sports department at Walmart; electric repairs; and a junior student at St Johns College. In closing, a quote from Edwin Marham: “there is a destiny that makes us brothers (sisters); none goes his way alone. That which we five to the lives of others, comes back to us as our own”.

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