1954; Summer 2017

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Jean Baker Weikert

Carol Schwarz Fitch writes her observance of our class news moving closer to beginning of class notes. Carol and her husband Dan remain active despite health limitations. They are living in a life care facility south of Boston…a stimulating environment with lectures, music programs, museum trips, and meeting interesting residents. Family nearby affords frequent visits. Five grandchildren, three of whom are 14, on the brink of high school, two others younger. Dan and Carol’s travels included cruises, both river and ocean by which they have seen most of the world in great comfort and a one-time unpacking experience. Their summertime major activity is gardening, through which they persevere regardless of stressed backs and knees! Amalia “Molly” Heineman Lueder has an updated address which is as follows: 250 South Pepperridge Drive, Vero Beach, Florida 32963-5012. Marilyn Ogden Heath’s voice was great to hear. Her interest in dressage and teaching continues. Traveling by air is becoming extensive for Marilyn. Enjoying her life-long horsemanship, she is considering downsizing; “the north is too cold.” Al had open heart surgery three years ago. She wants to keep in touch especially with Florida classmates. It was refreshing also to hear from Nolah Sawyer Fulk. She is still driving, interested in antiques and had hoped to attend reunion. We missed seeing her. A sadder phone call came from JMJ Nursing Home in Arizona relayed that classmate Tommie Corwin passed away there in March 2017 of a cardiac condition after being there for three years. It was thoughtful of Tommie’s car consultant, Audrey, to follow-up on my letter to Tommie. Elizabeth “Penny” Hapgood Noepel P’87 attended reunion, flying for her new residence at Kimball Farms, 235 Walker St, Apt 235 in Lenox, Massachusetts 61240-2746. Penny’s Daughter, Lucy Noepel ’87, was also at reunion. Penny cherishes wearing her Hood Ring. It’s always great to receive mail from Elizabeth “Betsy” Oehrle. She still cherishes seeing Mary-Louise Springhorn Rude Leidheiser’52 as I did. Mary Lou traveled from Chicago to attend reunion. It was refreshing to see her still familiar face across the luncheon table! Natalie Colbert Bowers ’52 also sat with us. She had lived in West Chester when Anne Smith Knoll resided there. Lunch tablemates with Mark and I consisted of…..Susan Peters Roetzel Wirths ’56, M.A.’79, G’13, Virginia Turnbull Hecklinger ’56, P’81, G’08, Susan Truby Peterson ’57, Margaret Reeves Leopold ’57, Martha Smith Sperandio ’57. Nancy Locher who assisted Dean Katherine Sherrill, after we in the class of ’54 graduated, also graced our lunch table. Clever Mary Johnston DeMaris wrote as follows: I used to be fast, running late to class, now I’m slow, takes me long to go, I broke my hip, the end of May 2016, then they put it together with a few screws, paid, you good to go, not so. Now I’m going to get a whole new hip, the last one turned out to be a gyp. (May, 25 2017) I live in a retirement home in an apartment called Vinson Hall in McLean VA. I’m not really too happy, but safe. My husband died on Feb 1, 2017. Sorry to hear that Tommie died. I like to hear about everyone. I guess were not “chicks” anymore just hens cluck, cluck.” A beautiful sketch of Norma “Skitsi” Simpson Reins life unfolded in her friendly remembrance of Tommie…Skitsi tells of her cardiac condition and bad knees, yet also persevering! Her son, Mac “Mackie” came to reside with Skitsi to be of help. He is retired after selling the Rein Co Insurance Brokers. Having had back surgery 4 years ago, Mac uses a walker. Skitsi’s daughter and son-in-law Kemper and Mark Warren are physicians in Greensville, NC. Mark goes all over the world to give speeches for a pharmaceutical company in addition to his medical practice. Kemper really loves medicine; however, she has not been practicing for the last few years to rear 3 children, 2 dogs and volunteer at the hospital. Warren and Betty Remsberg DeColigny’s grand-daughter Cindy Armentrout and her husband Ray Armentout gave birth to a son in May, 2017. The DeColigny’s are considering downsizing. Mark Weikert and I thoroughly enjoyed reunion. We are settling in our cottage at Cross Keys. Granddaughter Erin Haafke graduated with a double major in music from Mansfield University, shall teach in S.E school district next fall. Granddaughter Rachael Abrams received Associate from HAAC, and granddaughter Sierra Miller graduated from LIU and continues to work for UTZ Terrace after her innovative work study program at LIU.

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