1953: Winter 2014

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The Andrew G. Truxal Scholarship in sociology was awarded to Hope Lichtman ’15. Nancy Brown Kolhheyer had her right knee replaced and was able to have rehabilitation with John on the North Sea Coast and is now walking without a cane. I received a nice card from Jerry Griffith Macomber who connected with Weezie Mathews after a 60-year interim. Weezie had been a bridesmaid in Jerry’s wedding. Penny Fradd Vahsen took a riverboat trip down the Rhine and Danube rivers with her son David. Her third grandson just finished his plebe year at Annapolis. Oppie Keeler Ludwig is enjoying spending time with her 1-and-a-half year old great-granddaughter Maya. Nadia Klotz Giusi has retired from teaching at Monterey Peninsula College, but still sees clients and continues to write. Her latest book “Magic and Pasta: A Love Story” is based on Valerio and her story in Rome from 1954 when they met to 1955 when they came to America. It is available in paper back from Amazon.com. Sally Kuhns Giarratana reported that class contributions for the 2013 fiscal year ending was $27,986.54 with 89.6 percent contributing. Patricia Lloyd Fordham’s only granddaughter just married and will be living in Nashville. Pat adopted another rescue dog—a 9-year-old long haired dachshund as a buddy for her 5-year-old Basenji rescue dog. Janet Peek Clancy still plays tennis six or seven days a week, yoga, walks, digital photography and much more. She hopes to see everyone at our next get-together. Pam Presbrey Grinnell spent the summer visiting family and friends in Ohio, Michigan, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania with the help of loved ones who drive freeways.  Her grandson’s wedding was especially beautiful. Judy Rank Loposer thoroughly enjoys watching her 9-year-old great-grandson play little league football—he is the star of the team! Bev Rosenberg Sager still goes to aerobics four-days-a-week and takes two classes at the local community college two days a week. Thanksgiving will be spent in California with her entire family and then on to the Turks and Caicos in February. Having a new roof put on their home was the job of Katherine Sponsler Patten this past fall—they hope to take an Eastern Caribbean in March. Lois Wolfe Haffly became a great-grandmother in October—John Thomas Haffley was born at her alma mater hospital at the Univ. of Pennsylvania. Her son and daughter-in-law live nearby and they get to see the baby often. Stef Pick Kopp and her husband became great-grandparents two months ago to a granddaughter, Charlotte Rose Kopp. “Hal and I, Johanna Chait Essex, had a wonderful trip to Springfield, Ill. to attend his ship’s yearly reunion. It is the Land of Lincoln and while some places were closed down we got a feel for the history of the area. The children and grandchildren are fine and we are doing our thing volunteering at the senior center and Kings Point as well as sponsoring cadets and giving them a home away from home.”

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