1953: Summer 2016

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Johanna Chait Essex

Condolences to Charlotte Beshore Ahrens on the passing of Bob in Feb. 2015. Condolences to Kathy Sponsler Patten on the loss of her husband. Condolences to the family of Elizabeth Sweeney Qualls, who passed away this past April. Received a cheery note from Marge Aronson Dalmas—She and Bob are hanging in—Marge has advanced degenerative disc disease, but they try to stay involved and enjoy life. Charlotte Beshore Ahrens broke her hip last year, and it took a year of TaI Chi clasees to get he back on her feet—but all is well now. Evelyn Bragg Trageser wrote that “I’m alive and kicking most mornings, but like any electric chair lift in the latter part of the day.” Penny Fradd Vahsen, P’77 will be attending 4 weddings of her Academy grads this summer, a well asl taking a river cruise from Brussels to Basel. Jerry Griffith Macomber had a bout with “walking pneumonia”  “that left her in the  hospital  and then home with antibiotics and oxygen 24/7—her family and many friends stepped into help––she is “learning new lessons in old age.” Nancy Brown Kohlheyer was in Brussels when they had terrorist attacks, but is now back in the states.  One of her former art students was badly wounded, but is now recovering. She and John have been together for 9 years and have enjoyed every aspect of it. She did visit Lois Wolfe Haffly and Buffie McKim Powell when she was in the states last year. Betty Gerstmyer Allen was diagnosed with Guillian Barre syndrome in Feb. 2014, and is now at Brookdale Hockessen, where she is learning how to walk with a walker and write again. She uses her daughter Sue’s address—127 New Granville Rd., Wilmington, De 19808,and her phone number is 302-235-2340—She is doing as well as can be expected, and would love to hear from classmates. New email address for Elaine Green Powell—depowell@metrocast.net–She and Dave are very happy in their “independent home” in Concord, N.H., but they still have their Lake Cottage which is the family gathering place in the summer, and ski base for their children and grandchildren in the winter. Nadya Klotz Giusi still has her practice as a Marriage Family Therapist, and is working on her 5th book.  She has 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren. Pat Lloyd Fordham is recuperating from arthroscopic shoulder surgery due to a bad fall against the kitchen counter—it will take several months to heal, and then she will need physical therapy. Corky Pattison Casey, P’82 will be in Old Saybrook, Conn. the end of July  and would love to see anyone who might be in the area. Janet Peek Clancy is expecting her 6th  great-grandchild this July. One of her grandsons is a NYC fireman who is a member of the fire departments  football team, and they flew to NC to compete—she still plays lots of tennis and bridge, and enjoys being involved in all that she does. Lovely long note from Marilynn  Phillips—she has had a happy, busy year with trips to Seattle to visit son Chip, the wedding of her grandson Tyler , a visit with her brother Dick for Thanksgiving, and enjoying all the wonderful things her grandchildren are accomplishing. Judy Rank Loposer is still in Walla Walla, Washington—her three children live close by which makes life even better, ”Whenever I see wisteria blooming I think of the pergola.” Beverly Rosenberg Sager had a fall on the tennis court and broke her wrist, and is now in physical therapy.  If all goes well she and her daughter plan to spend a week in Paris in June, and then in August she travels to California to visit with her son. Sheila Seigal Asher has sold her home on Kiawah Island, and will be going back to Florida. Their family joined them for the Passover weekend and was terrific. In general life is good, and they are grateful. Lois Wolfe Haffly is doing well after having back surgery in Oct. to relieve pressure on her sciatic nerve. She sends her best to everyone. The Essex Family is fine—I’m still involved with Kings Point—helping out at Cookie Café, as well as sponsoring cadets—and I volunteer at the nursery school where I taught—reading the “golden oldies” to the children –Hal is doing well, and we both enjoy visiting with our children and grandchildren.

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