1952: Winter 2017

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Mary-Lou Springhorn Leidheiser

Several 52-ers have moved to assisted living: Nancy Campbell Barrett (in Reno), Ruth Matthews Alger (in Easton, MD) and Betsy Dowling Barclay (still Townson, MD). Betsy: “I needed more help as I am on oxygen 24/7 and use a rollator most of the time. I hope to get to reunion Saturday just for the day.” Dixie Baird Nace: “Busy on six committees, including resident council and continue making/selling my pressed flower note cards. Will enter the Philadelphia Flower Show in March. Connecticut son Rich with family and Texas son with family all connect with me three to four times a year. A friend and I enjoyed Hood trips in 2014, 2015 and 2016.” Betsy Cannen Martin fell and dislocated her shoulder but is recovering. Natalie Colbert Bowers lost her dear husband Martin to complications from Parkinson’s. It was sudden; the two of them had just bought pansies for their garden the week before. Dee Dreller Sosin: “I am disposing of my collections to move into an active retirement community in March. Jody Weddle’s daughter and granddaughter will visit. Jody just lost Dick to COPD after 64 years of love, children, grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.” Anne Gibson Bement: “I just found a copy of Touchstone 1952. Nice to see those lovely young faces. No foreign travel anymore, but occasional getaways to our Miami Beach place. Our daughter’s family comes for Christmas.” Ginny Green McDermott is retired, well and active. One son lives in Short Hills, NJ; the other son, an hour away. Her last two grandchildren are in college. Gene Mauk reports that wife Janet Hall Mauk resides now in a permanent retirement home following her stroke three years ago. Gene visits every day. Their four children, five grandchildren and two great-grands all live in southern California, so they can visit. Sally Herman Lunt, M.A. from Simmons College, Ph.D. from Harvard University, and a law degree completed in her mid-60s, died in August. A feminist, psychotherapist, activist and best “posture picture” storyteller ever. Emma Jones Hann: “Went to Orlando with three of my four children and their spouses to accept a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award for Bill from the Armed Services Blood Program.” Joanne Kates Roos: “Daughter Donna is doing well after two major back surgeries to straighten her spine at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Grandson Billy Cole has a job with Price Waterhouse in Washington, DC. Sister Hannah is mentoring with a veterinarian this semester. I hope to be at our 65th.” Jody Kellogg Weddle said Dick died on her birthday and that somehow it was fitting since both of them were starting anew, but in different worlds. She feels blessed to have so many family near. Joan Kniffin Orozco: “I have two great-grandchildren, six wonderful grandchildren and my two kids…am very lucky! Time just flies too fast.” Mary Murrie Hardy: “Had a busy summer visiting family. Loved every minute at all three places. Planning trip to Florida this winter—health permitting. Need a new knee, but not quite ready yet.” Betsy Newcomer Payette enjoyed visiting the Amish area of Pennsylvania recently and went to her granddaughter’s college graduation. Ann Nygren Greenberg is still an advocate for snail mail and reading Trollope. Daughter Nancy lives nearby; son Arthur with her and Jerry. “He’s a big help.” Anne regrets not being able to travel to twin sister Dody Nygren Wisnom in Tucson. Dody, at home with husband Sam, is no longer active, but responds brightly to phone calls and relishes memories of Hood days. Franne Pickle Wetmore heads to her Florida condo for the winter. She’ll spend Christmas with her sister and family in New Smyrna, FL. She is hopeful she can drive with another, younger Hoodlum, Class of ’62, to reunion in 2017. Carolyn Rusk is delighted that the Congolese family who lived two years in her former home, donated to an organization that sponsors refugees, is now on its own with its own home. A new refugee family will be placed there soon. Kay Spear Feldmann: “Just celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving with my blended family. I am sharing the house with my younger son, and it’s really nice to have someone here. Still driving and getting around to do my thing.” Jane Taggart Whittaker, P’78 spent a delightful month in Boulder, CO, with daughter Margie. Daughter Susan joined them, and all three had lunch with my daughter, Kathleen Rude, visiting in Boulder. Mary-Lou Springhorn Leidheiser, bundled up happily in Illinois, visited Betsy Oehrle ’54, in from Durban, South Africa, at her brother’s Pittsburgh home in mid-November.

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