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We seem to be in repair mode these days.”  A quote from Connie Woodall Fisher, who had successful cataract surgery while Bill had a 99 percent blocked carotid artery fixed. “The Colorado family visited.  One daughter lives nearby as does our great-grandson, his parents and my 93-year-old sister.” Nancy Campbell Barrett had a total shoulder replacement in August. It was so successful that she is having the other one done next year. “Daughter Betsy who lives with me took over and I am having the whole family (20 people) for Thanksgiving,” said Nancy. Joanne Kates Roos had “the best orthopedic surgeon in Newport News” operate on her arthritic left hip. She was using a walker several hours after the operation and went home the next day. Mary Siher Sauerteig said, “In June my heart went into atrial fib. A month later I had cardioversion with Lou Leidheiser close by. Sinus rhythm returned and is still holding. Son Bob came from Alaska in October to drive me to Philly for my oldest granddaughter’s wedding and to spend time with son Bill and family.” Kay Spear Feldman was “recuperating from a minor accident at home, but it is slow and the bones are old. She expected to return to normal activities soon.” Other classmates have downsized. Urania Courlas Constandy said, “My husband, now 92, and I, moved to nearby Brandywine Seniors. Our granddaughters age 17 and 15 are golfers and tennis players and can beat Nick and me now. I am busy with church seniors and two women’s clubs.” Nancy Oxholm Reid and husband George moved two years ago into Brandon Wilde, Augusta, Georgia’s Life Care Community. “We stopped by Hood after a hostel at the Peabody Institute and it refreshed my memory of our happy times there. Our one child George III and wife live in St. Louis. We relish every visit,” said Nancy. Natalie Colbert Bowers reported, “no real news; just getting ready for all of the family and Thanksgiving!” Dee Dreller Sosin said, “I have enjoyed and loved three generations of Weddle women–Jody, daughter Judy, and now granddaughter Sara El Shafie who was in town at a Paleantology Convention. I also saw Carol and Burnam Friedman in La Jolla.” Lois Eldridge Funsch wrote, “Our grandson was happily married in September. It was a beautiful beach wedding in the Outer Banks. Sadly, our son Doug died unexpectedly July 29. Still recovering from the shock and sadness, but wonderful memories sustain us.” Anne Gibson Bement reported, “Our daughter’s family visited us in San Francisco with their 4 and 6-year-old boys. I saw my old Sesame Street friends in New York.  We are planning a Panama Canal cruise in November and hoping to spend Christmas with family in our Miami Beach place.” Dottie Handley Ewing is “volunteering, attending concerts, reading and lamenting over politics. I visited Elva Remsberg Pepper ’51 in Pennsylvania and attended the Hood organ concert in honor of Bill Sprigg (present in a wheelchair). I am taking a course at Fredrick Community College and still enjoy driving country roads.” Barbara Hickman Reynolds said, “Bill and I lunched with Jack and Betsy Cannen Martin in August to celebrate their 60th and our 59th wedding anniversary. Betsy was my Matron of Honor. Emma Jones Hahn was in Hagerstown recently and Bill, Betsy Payette and I met her for Sunday brunch.”

Jodie Kellogg Weddle reported, “After 31 marvelous winters in Big Pine Key, Fla., we have decided to stay in Maryland this year. We will miss our friends and church but we will be able to watch our 10th great-grandchild (all boys but one!) through his first 6 months.” Joan Kniffin Orozco wrote, “I’m well down here in Uruguay, playing bridge and seeing friends and family. I have a 7-month-old great-grandson and will have a great-granddaughter next month. What a pleasure! Phyllis Loudermill Armstrong said, “I’m flying to Maryland to visit my sister. Choir is going to Italy in June 2015. The Piece de Resistance will be singing a Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica.” Mary Murrie Hardy gained a new great-granddaughter in July and a grandson in August. “The count is now 17 grandchildren and two greats. Bob and I, like the old Timex commercial, keep on ticking.” Betsy Newcomer Payette is busy with church activities, doctor’s appointments, bus excursions and playing Mah Jongg. She talks weekly with Carolyn Rusk. Janet Rowe Smith said, “David died in December 2012 after 60 wonderful years of marriage and 14 retirement years of mentoring inner city children, tennis, sailing, and travel. I communicate infrequently with Libby Floyd Davis in Coronado, Calif.” Jane Taggart Whittaker is well although her older son in New Jersey, head of the family business, is battling colon cancer. She will join family in Princeton, N.J. for Thanksgiving. Nan von der Hyde Needham reported, “My 17 grandchildren and one great-granddaughter keep me involved.  Recently, I was honored by the Virginia Health Care Association as Adult Volunteer of the Year.  I play bingo with the residents. Hood roommate Jeanne Zimmerman Gearey and I talk on the phone.” Marguerite (Mickey) Weber Trachtman said, “My oldest grandchild Elizabeth, married in October at a beautiful ceremony with the entire family present. I love my book group, and I am taking a class. Grandchild Kate is a freshman at Purdue.” Jeanne Zimmerman Gearey wrote, “I keep busy with bridge, movies, theater and dinners with my friend John. I am going to my daughter Susan ’79 and husband’s for Thanksgiving in St. Helena, Calif.” I am sad to report Grace Laubach’s passing. Her online obituary is at Patriot-News, July 23, 2013. Sorry to edit your news to meet magazine word limitations. Keep in touch.

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