1952; Summer 2017

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Mary-Lou Springhorn Leidheiser

We mourn the loss of Joan Hoffman Huebner. Carita Ackerly Warner: I’m well, busy with grandkids’ graduations here and afar!” Natalie Colbert Bowers: “Traveled to Lewisburg, Pa for Brittany Christine Bowers’ graduation (with honors) from Bucknell U – Martin’s school.  Caroline Colbert Brophy graduates from Conestoga H.S. and then heads to Ithaca College in fall.” Doris Dreller Sosin: “Hope friends will come to visit me in my new digs in the active retirement home.  Carol Cohen Friedman has two friends here who call me a ‘Hoodlum’. I certainly had no idea that Hood would live on and on in our lives.” Anne Gibson Bement: “We will go to New York to see old friends from television and Sesame Street days. Lots of time with my book club and finding good movies.  Daughter and family live in Minnesota. They visit us at Christmas time in our Miami Beach getaway; we visit them in warmer summer weather.”

Nan Fahnline Warren: “Last year I lost one of my Westies, so I got a rescue Westie to keep Nick company.  I am celebrating 50 years of membership in the DAR. I still keep active compiling treasurer’s reports, but that will end as I am losing my vision. But I can’t complain.“

Von (Yvonne) Hepburn Virtue: “Have a great time at reunion.  Too far to travel there from Denver for a short visit. Everything just fine here.  Still enjoying all the cultural offerings of the area, which is growing beyond belief. “ Barbara Hickman Reynolds P’80 will not be at reunion.  She’ll be attending a shower in Virginia for her first granddaughter to be married.  She still sees Carolyn Rusk regularly. Joan Kniffin Orozco: “Am fine and enjoying the family, playing bridge and being with friends. How the years have gone by!! Have a great time and give my love to everyone.” Peg Lewis Christensen entertained a group of 30 retirement community friends at her latest piano soiree, playing for a full hour the good ol’ tunes.  “Have fun in Frederick and give my greetings to anyone who’d remember me.” Phyl Loudermil Armstrong: “Praise the Lord, finally, my computer and mouse are working.  Health is improving (shingles) and am grateful for healing (left knee replacement). My best to all reunion attendees.” Ann Nygren Greenberg celebrated her June 2 birthday at lunch with her daughter Nancy and Peg Lewis Christensen, who still has an apartment in her hometown of Huntington, New York and visits there every year.  Madge Merkley Ziegler: “Jack and I are still on Daufuski Island.  I will not be able to attend reunion.” Dody Nygren Wisnom, still at home with husband Sam, sends greetings from Tucson. Kay Spear Feldmann: “Sorry, I am unable to be at the reunion.  As happens, some weekends are quiet and others are too full.  I will be thinking about what a wonderful four years it was.  Best to all who attend.” Jane Taggart Whittaker P’78 said there are just no friends like her Hood friends.  A grandson will join the family lumber brokerage business started by husband Frank.  She is proud of her family who continue to make the business a success. Jackie Wakeling has moved to a Bethesda retirement community.  She must use a walker all the time and for that reason cannot attend Hood Reunion.  Marguerite (Mickie) Weber Trachtman is a first-time great grandmother of twins (boy and girl).  She and her family continue to gather in Holland, Michigan for a week in the summer. Connie Woodall Fisher: “It won’t be easy to leave our 40-year-old house-in-the-woods, but it’s time.  We’ll move to a nearby retirement community.  I actually LIKE to pack things, weed out stuff  and draw floor plans. (Bill wants nothing to do with it. What a pair we make!)  My 96-year-old sister lives at Perry Farm Village in the summer, so we’ll have an instant friend–and we already know half the people there. So we’re off on a new adventure!” We stalwart six celebrated our 65th: Natalie (Tillie) Colbert Bowers, Dottye Handley Ewing, Emma (Emmy) Jones Hann, Joanne Kates Roos, Franne (Teeter) Pickle Wetmore, and Mary-Lou Springhorn Leidheiser,.  Beautiful weather, delicious food (yes, sticky buns), a fine college update by President Chapdelaine, and a lively reunion dinner.  Jo Kates Roos reported: “Our class raised $48,951 for our anniversary year, with 64% participating. If we add one more new donor we would have 65% for our 65th year. Many thanks for the great support.” Keep your news (and dollars) coming, please, Mary-Lou.

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