1952: Summer 2014

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Mary-Lou Springhorn Leidheiser

Evelyn Bischoff Mitchell was summering in Massachusetts, visiting Maine son, fighting brain cancer.  She recommended the “cruise” on the Cape Cod Canal. Nancy Campbell Barrett said, “I am in charge of my siblings’ annual get-together and thinking of a fall tour of Boston.” Natalie Colbert Bowers and Martin moved to a Frederick retirement community. She is preparing her house for sale and raved about the Brodbeck Hall renovations. Marion Decker McCormick volunteers for the Montgomery Area Historical Society and daughter Paula visited from Wyoming. Daughter Lynn is moving her office from LA to D.C. The family plans to invade son Brett’s Texas home to celebrate Thankmas in mid-December. Dee Dreller Sosin returned from India with a lust for adventure travel. “I was captivated with the religions, temples, food, costume and history. While I can still manage a tough trip, I signed up to see Egypt this October,” said Dee. Lois EldridgeFunsch wrote, “Bill and I took a short trip to the Eastern shore. My Boston family came for Mother’s Day and we went to Longwood Gardens. They took me around in a wheelchair; another excursion to Charleston, S.C., to visit other son and family.” Claire Enany Trimpey was widowed in 2009 and moved to an assisted living community in Wilmington, N.C., near two of her daughters. She enjoys bridge and art classes. Nan Fahnline Warren wrote, “I am just here and loving my pups, Angel and Nicky. They keep me going–four walks a day.” Anne Gibson Bement said, “Reed and I visited our daughter’s family in Minnesota, went to Miami Beach and will summer for two weeks in Maine. After my last Haiku piece, my inspiration left me. Now I am busy with book club, luncheons and movies.” Yvonne Von Hepburn Virtue wrote, “I am in great health and keep busy. The only problem is being widowed. I moved closer to my son to an Erickson independent living community in a Denver suburb. We have wonderful theaters. Pat Sabin Sprague ’54 drives here to attend theater and concerts with me when weather permits.” Joanne Kates Roos said, “My left hip replacement is a year old and I am doing great! Linda’s son Billy will be a sophomore at the College of William and Mary. His sister Hannah was inducted into the Tri-Honor Music Society. She is taking riding lessons on her own horse Luna, who has captured our hearts.” In June Peg Lewis Christensen lunched in Long Island with Ann Nygren Greenberg. Doris Lindblade Burn is a resident at Van Dyk Manor in Montclair, N.J. Severe arthritis in her legs keep her wheelchair bound but her spirit is unbounded. “My happy news is I have twin great nieces!” Madge Merkley Ziegler returned to Carlisle on June 20 after seven months on Daufuskie Island, S.C.  “Jack and I are able to ambulate to restaurants. Three grandsons graduated high school this year.” Cynthia Reinsmith Olson said, “I spent only freshman year at Hood. To my parent’s dismay, in 1949 I married Jack Forrest, but he died in his mid-50s. Our two children lived independently so I found a job that developed into being an executive meeting planner with Ciba-Geigy Corp., now Novartis, which I loved. Retired at 65, I became reacquainted with Lee Olson; we married in 2000 and traveled extensively. Of late, we stay pretty close to home.” Carolyn Rusk reported, “On June 14, my family’s home, deeded to the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, was consecrated to its new role as temporary shelter for refugee families. The first, a Congolese family–the father a pastor, wife and three children–are to arrive in August.” Kay Spear Feldmann wrote, “My grandson Norman finally gave his girl a ring and set a wedding date. His father will be 60 in August.” Jane Taggart Whittaker, P’78 relishes summer when her six kids and their families visit her at the Brigantine beach. Connie Woodall Fisher wrote, “I am making a plug for regular exercise–both mental and physical. I work with a trainer, do yoga and walk. For the brain, try lumosity (lumosity.com). I am quite sure my Parkinson’s would have advanced farther and faster if it were not for exercise.” Jeanne Zimmerman Gearey, P’79 was thrilled that her children are honoring her with a campus fountain located between Alumnae Hall and Hodson Science and Technology Center. Our sympathy to the families of Mercedes Gery Smith, Barbara Hamilton Meyer and Carolyn Leiner Bage. Mary Sihler Sauerteig and I are enjoying summer concerts at Brevard Music Center.

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