1951: Winter 2014

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Donna Fogle Fisher reported that nothing spectacular was happening. She was pleased to win first place in the local Grange cookie baking contest and it was nice to have her grandchildren nearby to eat all of the practice batches. Ann Frankel Rockwood reported, “Summing up a lifetime is not easy! After Hood, I attended Columbia Univ. and became a psychology occupational therapist. I married Jerry Rockwood, a patent attorney and I stayed out of the field for 11 years while raising my four children, one of whom has since died. We have lived in New York City; Washington, D.C.; San Diego; Los Angeles; Los Alamos, N.M. and Santa Fe, N. M. We live in Ponce de Leon, a senior residence in Santa Fe. After retiring, we traveled in an recreational vehicle full time from Alaska through Guatemala, East to Newfoundland and in Europe for a total of 20 years. We now spend our winters in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and currently preparing our recreational vehicle for the trip down.” She does stay in touch with Louise Herr Krill who lives in Colorado.  She would love to hear from any Hood alums, so we hope more of you will send news.  Mary Lou Hoffman Huff wrote, “I enjoy my life working out with a personal trainer three times a week and trying to do two cardio sessions as well. I’m still on the Foundation Board of Highland Hospital which is populated with dynamic, enthusiastic people that keep me young. The Patient Family Advisory Council is another interest.  Its function is to discover ways to improve a patient’s experience during hospitalization including better communication between staff and patients and their families. Healthcare is such a quagmire these days. The improved techniques and medicines are a benefit but bring with them more challenges as far as efficiency and financing are concerned. Life was so much simpler in our lifetime.” Betsy McCain McAlpine reported, “Lois Vars Mason has been the godmother of our son Ken for over 50 years, but I was still surprised when she told me in a phone call that she was packing up a college box to send to Ken’s son Graham who is now a freshman at Univ. of California, Santa Barbara. She is a continuing good godmother.  In early October, the McAlpine’s attended a Hood Homecoming Festival on the residential quad. Though there was not a large number of alumni we had a good time talking to some of the younger ones. There is a lot of activity on the campus.” A note from Pat Knobloch Jones said she did not have anything special to report, but it is always good to hear from classmates anyway. Tina Schultz Smith wrote, “The past year was not a good one. My dear husband Haldon died after a short illness; a stroke. Then, I lost the use of one leg due to spinal stenosis. I am able to walk unaided now, but not for long distances. I have moved from my home of 50 years to a condo; a very lovely one in the same neighborhood. There are many good friends here. It is not a retirement home, just retired people living here. I miss my garden, but I like living on one floor with no stairs! I am slowly recovering from all of the trauma and look forward to a more peaceful new year.” Again, I, Eleanore Knott, remind you all that you can send me news at any time. As I write this, I am just completing the six weeks of drops following my two cataract surgeries which I suppose most of you have already had also. Wow! How amazing it is to be able to see everything so clearly. I will be reading all the signs in the distance as we head off to Boston by way of Pittsburgh for our Thanksgiving holiday. We all have much to be thankful for!

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