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Eleanore Jackson Knott

Donna Fogle Fisher reports that she is fine, spending time reading, working crossword puzzles, and watching reruns of old TV.  She feels fortunate and truly blessed to see her children regularly.  She also reported on the death of Betty Merryman Blanset who was a beloved kindergarten teacher.  Our sympathy to her husband, two children and several grandchildren.

Mary Lou Henry Deisroth P’76 and Tony had just returned from Pittsburgh to visit a granddaughter and their new 6th great granddaughter and were in Bethany Beach, DE for Memorial Day where she had fun trying paddle boating. Their next trip was to be to MA for two grandsons graduations, one from high school and one from college.  Then she will be home, continuing her gardening and other activities. Mary Lou Hoffman Huff reports “the dull truth” that she enjoys her life which continues with gym, Lumosity, Mad Money account investing and occasional lunch or dinner with family and friends.  She is also fascinated with bird watching.  Shirley Keckler Trostle, reports “At 87, one can sum up the life that has been lived.  I gave birth to four children and three of them have departed, one in 1972, one in 2012 and one last January.  I have discovered that the tears of frustration burn like fire but the tears of grief are cleansing, purifying and healing.  You can live through anything but it is the creative spark that returns you to life and moves you forward.  And so I am phasing out quilting but I have picked up the pencil for sketching and I hope to write seriously this year.  And I still take a few appointments for Reflexology and Reiki and as long as I get results I will continue.”  Cathie Strachan Upp moved the end of April to a house next to her daughter Karen. She had the feeling that her whole life passed before her as she was going through all the papers, pictures and possessions, but she likes her new place where she can see the Catalina Mountains from her patio.  She is looking forward to a trip to Mexico this summer with her family and then a trip to Florida to visit her brother. Heard from Molly Wood Tully who is recovering from a hip replacement last February but is still unable to drive.  Her 2 sons spent time helping out but she is not yet involved in her usual plethora of activity.  She has given up tennis but will be in Cape May for June and July where friends and family will visit. Walt and I are hoping to leave this week to drive to New England again for the summer.  The trip seems to get longer each time but we feel very fortunate to still be able to do this.  Remember we only have news from those of you who contribute, so what are the rest of you doing?

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