1948; Summer 2017

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Corky Edwards Shulman

Aloha, Hoodlums. I think it is extraordinary that over 50 % of the class of 1948 are ‘still kicking’ (see below) while reaching their 90th year.…that’s sixty-plus women! Could it have been that (campus day) ‘Vitamin H’ we championed way back then??….Anne Chaney Mesmer is still in Washington, DC; granddaughter Andriana graduates from high school this June. Anne shares an Irish Blessing: “May all that is unloved in you Blossom into a future Graced with love….” (Lovely…mahalo, Anne) Nancy Naser Crawford writes that although she misses her car and her independence, she is really enjoying all the group physical therapy classes, trips and programs at the Salemtown Community Center where she now resides. (And I bet they enjoy her) Just learned of the death of Betty Patterson Reims in late May.  Betty was one of ‘the folksies”, our gang of eleven so called by Patty Beall Snader in “Future Perfect”.  Aloha, ol’ buddy. The Round Robin letter started by Shirley Benson Rice and eight other Hoodlums at graduation ended when Elsa Eggers Hauswald died, leaving Shirley and Barbara Heiss Jackson to keep it going. Shirley and Barb decided to keep in touch by phone and retire the Round Robin after an amazing sixty-eight years. (That should go in the record books!) Patty Callender Hewit lost her husband in 2011, and then her home at Normandy Beach, N.J. to hurricane Sandy, and now lives in a retirement community. “But I am also very lucky, as eight of my thirteen grandchildren are married with thirteen great grandchildren and two more on the way.” (THAT should go in the record books…..) Jean Herman Walker writes “Still kicking slowly but still kicking! Lost Wade three years ago, and now have fifteen grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Life is good and very few pains…..thank goodness!” Charlestown (Baltimore) Retirement Community is home to Bette Blome Winyall, who attended grandson Davey’s recent wedding in Blacksburg, VA while “missing grandson. Joe’s graduation from the University of Virginia on the same day. Philly soldiers on, coping with health problems. Dan’s been promoted to Captain…….daughter Ruth and sons David and Walter bring joy and delight as well…”. Bette also writes: “Pleasant days here as I enjoy good health, good friends, family and rewarding volunteering…every good wish to fellow Hoodlums!” Me, I’m the slackard here………I have (only) seven grandchildren and my very first great-grandchild will arrive in July, courtesy of granddaughter Maile Lewis Little and husband Micheal. Maile and Mike were the subjects of an article I wrote for local publication, called “Tutu Goes to New York” in 2015, about all the brouhaha around Maile’s marriage to an aristocratic New Yorker. I will include that story in my soon-to be-self-published biography which I’m writing just for fun, and family. All for now. Keep writing!

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