1945; Winter 2019

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Ann Marshall Johnson

Do you remember Step Songs? Do you remember President Roosevelt announcing the bombing in Hawaii? Do you remember the sleigh ride with Hood horses? Muriel Duklauer Gantz has given up driving but she has a man who will drive her wherever she wants to go five days a week, so she is still active. Loves to play bridge and considering her age, life is good! Marilyn Hayes Dunshee has a senior apartment in a living arrangement. It has lots of activities. She still loves to sing, she sang in the Hood choir. She was quite vivid about voting. She thinks we should all get out to vote, which sounds like a real ’45er. She attributes her longevity to her good legs and she has one family that lives close and that is a joy to her. She had to cut our conversation off because she suddenly realized it was dinner time and salmon was on the menu! Bette Fischer Mayer was known at Hood as Boopie and sounded absolutely joyful while telling me that her home, where she lives by herself, in Delaware was at the moment in the middle of a blizzard. Her son was coming over to check on her and she had dinner cooking in the oven. In her long life she had prepared to teach but only did so for one year then became an accountant through returning to school. She continued to work as an accountant for many years. About me, Ann Marshall Johnson, I am still driving, living alone and occasionally entertaining, reading a lot and has activities like book club with old friends, going to the symphony, and an occasional movie. But mostly, loving the skills I was giving at Hood for teaching which my husband and I both did for 20-30 years. Three sons live nearby but my real joy is having nine great grandchildren three little girls and the rest boys. They come to visit and I just love to them to pieces! Let’s see if we can all continue down the path. There is always something to keep our hearts beating and we remember Hood days fondly.

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