1944: Winter 2017

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V. Jean Wheatley Hilchuk

I called everyone who had listed their phone number with Hood. Those who no longer had an active phone were Mal Barnett and Betty Jane Foehl Tomaselli. Therefore I was unable to reach them. Emma Vonderheide Rhoderick passed away April 20, 2016. Barbara “Bobbie” Gill Jesser moved to a senior care residence in Connecticut. She has a one-bedroom apartment, still drives and all is well. She was about to celebrate Christmas with all of her family who live nearby. She says best wishes for 2017!” Margie Muth Alibasah was reported to have twin great-grandchildren. Chorley reported this info. Betty Lee Daubenspeck Carl still drives her own car. Her day is spent playing golf and bridge and at happy hour. Nancy Ogden Carson lost her husband this past year. She has a cat named Pumpkin, which occupies part of her time. Janet Coblentz Cover lives in a retirement center in Frederick. Gert Flagg Dalzell has given up driving. She still lives in her own home, but she did fall and break her wrist this past year. Milly Geiple Hufnagel lives in her own home. Her son lives with her. Her daughter died this last year as she was given the wrong medication. Mary Alice Knobloch Smith lives in her own home. She still drives and plays bridge. In the last year her immediate family had a reunion. There were 62 people in attendance. Phyllis Fine Soza and her husband lived in an assisted living place. Her husband has a wheelchair, and she has a walker. Mary Lou Chorley Touart is also in a retirement home. She still works on their magazine. Two of her daughters are actresses. As for myself, I too live in a retirement center. I am in the independent living section. I play bridge for entertainment about six times a week. I go in the pool daily as that is the only place I can walk. I use a mobile scooter in the halls. In my apartment I use a walker and ride it backwards. Peg Traver Emery and her daughter came to see me. She lives on the west coast of Florida. She lives in her own home. Her son lives with her. Edna Iason Louis lives in her own home. She has someone to come in and help her. Jean Wheatley Hilchuk (Wheats)

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