1944: Winter 2013

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Gladys Reinert Aungst is busy taking care of her husband and the whole family is there to help. Marilyn Barnett is still living in New Orleans. She gave up tennis in 1982. She has two cats to keep her company. Betty Lee Daubenspeck Carl lives in Florida. She still drives and plays golf and bridge. Nancy Ogden and her husband live in a wonderful retirement place in New Jersey. Her family is close by. Gertrude Flagg Dalzell is in her own home and is busy repairing it; she lives in North Carolina. Anne Schwab Dulabahn is in Ohio and still in her own home. Peg Traver Emery is living in Florida and very glad that they sold their home in New Jersey. Anne Wikel Hausman is in Pennsylvania and has had too many falls. She is getting physical therapy and is constantly moving from one section to another.

Mildred Geiple Hufnagel lives in Pennsylvania in her own home. She is still driving and her son lives with her. Annabelle Sunderland Kepler is in Hagerstown, Md., and she still drives. Beverly Langhorne Kirill lives in Jacksonville, Fla., across the street from her daughter. Her son-in-law is a doctor, so she is well looked after. Janet Sultner Lambert is in Tennessee. She is confined to her bed; she is able to stand but is unable to sit. Betty Black Newport is still in her own home. She is considering giving up driving. Marilyn Fowler Orth lives in her own home in Jacksonville, Fla. Her son stops by daily to see her as he is close by. Ethel Libbey Page’s daughter informed me that Ethel died on Nov. 15, 2012. Mildred Easterbrook Patiz is still in her home. She has someone come in to see to her needs. It seems like most of us are using a walker these days. Phyllis Carts Searle is still in her own home. She is no longer driving and has a vision problem.

Beulah Munshower Sommer does a lot of traveling. More power to you. Phyllis Fine Soza is also not driving due to a vision problem. Mary Lou Chorley Touart is living in a retirement center and is in charge of their paper there. She has five granddaughters nearby. I, Jean Wheatley Hilchuk, am on a walker due to poor surgery. I have had four hip replacements and one knee replaced twice. However, I still drive. I have been in the pool 133 times. Right now, we are waiting for them to fix the heater to the pool. I have played bridge 182 times this year. Certainly glad I moved one mile from my home seven years ago to this great retirement center. I talked with Janet Coblentz Cover and she informed me that three of our classmates are residing at Homewood in Crumland Farms. They are Ginny Gambrill Hendrickson, Erma Stull and Janet. She is still involved in activities dealing with Hood College. She is thinking about giving up driving. Mary Caulkins Johnson and husband are living in a retirement center in California. Barbara Gill Jesser is in Florida and still drives and plays golf.

Class Reporter:

V. Jean Wheatley Hilchuk
(407) 767-6863

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