1944: Summer 2016

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V. Jean Wheatley Hilchuk

Hood sent me the names of thirty of us for me to contact to see what we are up to doing these days.  Thirteen of us were able to respond.  Most of the phones rang but there was no answer to my call.  The only phone call that had been discontinued was that of Emma Vonderheide RhoderickMarilyn Barnett is still living in New Orleans.  She reported that she really didn’t do much of anything.  But at least she knew what she was talking about.  Betty Lee Daubenspeck Carl does play gold and bridge.  Janet Louise Coblentz Cover is living in Frederick in a retirement center.  She says she is in the assisted living section.  There are several other Hood grads that she has met there.  Gertrude Flagg Dalzell is still living in her own home.  She continues to attend meetings and does quite a bit of reading.  Anne Schwab Dulabahn is also in a retirement center.  She uses a walker and does not drive anymore.  She wishes that her daughters lived nearby, but they live in D.C. and California.  Margaret Traver Emery lives in her own home and has a son, Nelson, living with her.  She is planning a trip to Texas and then to New Jersey to visit her family.  She then intends to sell her home and settle someplace else.  Mildred Geiple Hufnagel lives in her own home.  Her son lives with his mother.  She keeps busy with the usual activities.  Annabelle Sunderland Kepler still drives and lives in her own home.  That seems to be quite the thing for one of our age.  Betty Jane Black Newport lives in her own home too.  She has meals on wheels delivered to her.  Way to go Betty.  Phyllis Carts Searle has a caregiver with her to see her needs.  Mary Alice Knobloch Smith is one of our active ones.  She plays duplicate bridge.  She has family near her which is great.  Mary Lou Chorley Touart is in a retirement center also.  She has retired from the job she had as an editor of their paper.  Her family keeps in touch with her.  Gladys Reinert Aungst called from Newport News.  She still lives in her home.  Her daughter is staying with her.  She no longer drives and uses a walker to help get around.  Well, that is the classmates I heard from.  Hope it brings you up to date.  As for myself, I am living in a retirement center which is near where I lived on the golf course.  I am unable to walk with the exception of walking to the pool which I do daily.  So I ride these long halls in my electric scooter.  The three members of our class that died this past year are: Mildred Easterbrook Patzig, Marilyn Jane Fowler Orth, and Helen Jacqueline Wright. 


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