1944: Summer 2014

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Jean Wheatley Hilchuk


Marilyn Barnett had nothing to report. She was gathering stuff that needed to be saved and throwing out stuff that needed to go. Peg Traver Emery’s husband was in the hospital and her son was there with her. Elisabeth Shaw Herms lives in a retirement home. She plays the piano for the group there, walks two miles a day and rides her bike three miles. Milly Geiple Hufnagel’s son lives with her and her other children, Jim and Joan, live close by. Millie still drives. Barbara Gill Jesser reported that she has very little gray hair and has three great-grandchildren. Mary Caulkins Johnson lives in a retirement center. There is plenty there to keep her busy. Betty Black Newport is still living in her house alone. She has given up on driving. Her son was home for Christmas as his wife had died. The whole family was together for the holidays and Betty prepared the meals for everyone. Mim Fowler Orth is still in her home. She has given up driving as her son lives close by. Millie Easterbrook Patzig resides in her home alone. She has someone come in to help her fix meals. Her daughter, who lives in Texas, was with her for Memorial Day. Gert Flagg Dalzell lives in her home. Her son who lives nearby had a stroke this past year and she has been taking care of him. He is doing very well now. Gert still drives. Anne Schwab Dulabahn has moved to a smaller place and is selling her house. Ann Wikel Hausman has a son that lives close by. Nancy Ogden Carson is enjoying good health. She lives in a retirement home. Her son from Maryland was expected for a visit. Her daughter lives in Montana. Phyllis Fine Soza is losing her sight, but she still enjoys working in her garden. Mary Lou Chorley Touart is proud of her children and grandchildren. She had not heard from Marge Muth Alibasah lately and was going to try and reach her. Mary Lou is still in charge of her retirement’s newspaper. Janet Coblentz Cover is in assisted living now. She attended our 70th reunion in June. Beulah Munshower Sommer also attended reunion. She really enjoys her place of retirement. I heard from Marge Muth Alibasah. She wishes all good health. Her health is not too good, but she has family near her all of the time. If I, Jean Wheatley Hilchuk, lived closer to Hood, I would have attended reunion. I still drive, but cannot walk without aid except in our wonderful pool that is heated year round. Florida weather is great.







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