1944; Fall 2018

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Jean Wheatley Hilchuk


I was unable to reach the following people Gladys Reinert Aungst, Betty Lee Daubenspeck Carl, Nancy Ogden Carson, Gertrude Flagg Dalzell, Ann Wikel Hausman, Barbara Gill Jesser, Annabelle Sunderland Kepler, Betty Jane Foehl Tomaselli, and Peg Traver Emery. I was able or each a few of our classmates. But I guess since we are all over the age of 95, we may not be on earth anymore. Milly Geiple Hufnagel still lives in her own home. But she does have the company of her son living with her. Marilyn Barnett lives by herself. She reports she doesn’t have much to report. Janet Coblentz Cover lives in a retirement center. She likes living there. I talked with the daughter of Edna Iason Louis. She did not have too much to report either. Phyllis Fine Soza told me her husband passed away last December. I, Jean Wheatley Hilchuk, live in a retirement center. I have been here for 12 years. I enjoy living here. It is similar to living in a dorm, we all have our own apartments. There are many interesting programs provided for us. I play bridge six times a week. We have water gym class twice a week. Helen Stottler Leaver was not on my list but she lives in her own home. She is busy doing things to help other people.

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