1942 Class News- Fall 2015

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Jean Brown Forster

Jean Brown Forster I am grateful to have lived so long and to watch not only my children, but my thirteen grandchildren grow and mature. I now have seven great grands, the oldest are 13 and 14 and involved in sports as well as eager academic students. Anna Mary Messerly Sullivan says she still lives in her home in Haven, Pennsylvania. One of her special days is watching the children across the street play, often the same games she played as a child. Concerts in the local park appeal to Anne Mary’s musical soul. According to her daughter, Christine Hampton ’74, she wishes all 42ers a great year and hopes to hear from some of us. Gertrude Garman Lang who lives in Easton, Maryland at an assisted living retirement home, Heart Fields, is grateful for the new friends she has made as well as her church group. Trudy has four grands and eight great grands. Aren’t we lucky? Jean Shaffer Cline from California writes, “I am proud to say I am 95 and upright.” She has eight grandchildren and nine greats. She lives in an independent senior housing complex. Joan, content in her situation (can’t you see her smile) says, “I only go as fast as the slowest part of me is willing! …Don’t we all?
Marion Smith Wood and Charlie are living in a retirement home (as most of us are fortunate enough to be living). She still plays bridge. Hurrah for her! Bridge should stimulate our once active minds. Edna Alice Cramer Hoffman still lives in her home. She does have help but people do pop in to visit. Edna is still active in the Historical Society and likes her book discussion group. Her granddaughter, April, is now in medical school. My thanks to those who responded. Please feel free to write me any time if the spirit moves you. There is always a Hood newsletter waiting for news from Alumnae.

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